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01 February 2011 @ 11:00 pm
[REPORT] SS3 Singapore  
i better type this before i forget everything ^^;; TBH i can't say i'm an ELF (nickname for Super Junior fans), coz they are not my no.1 group in K-Pop, but i have known these guys since 2005, and Miracle was my first Suju song. i adore them and i like most of their songs, so when i have a chance to watch their concert in Singapore, i know i have to go! thank you so much to Rei/towa_no_imi for helping us bought the ticket *hugs*.

well, where do i start? ah i went to SG with Wiwien/ichigo_246 and Merry/illussionizer, guess what do we have in common? we all love Kyuhyun xD anyway, we woke up at 6am (!), we bought breakfast at McD and headed to Stadium MRT and met Rei there. we joined the queue line since 8.45am at 2nd floor. but around 10am we got moved to 1st floor where most of fans sat down and queue. and the torture moment began, we sat down for around 9 long hours! and if it's not enough rain also poured heavily outside, even if we didn't get wet but the wind was really strong. i think i would definitely get sick if i didn't bring my jacket. and i have to say million thanx to this awesome stool chair!!

this chair saved my life that day!

and oh, the staff kept on warning us for not bringing cameras inside, but we only got worried about it around 1 hour before the show started lol. i successfully moved my camera from my bag to my pocket in the toilet. and they didn't even check it, though i wasn't allowed to bring my stool inside the venue so i had to keep it in deposit corner.

once we got inside, all the edges were filled with fans who came in before us, so we have no choice and just stood in the center, but our pen was quite empty, so we could practically run here and there xD the concert started at 7pm. we heard "Sorry Sorry" intro and got hyped! i never watched any fancam of SS3 before, so everything was exciting. the first one who showed up was Donghae, he was flying in the center stage, so beautiful <33

and everyone started to take out their cameras lol and the securities didn't even bother to yell or anything, so i have no regret for bringing my camera at all xD i don't really remember the setlist, but pretty much the same with Seoul setlist in here. for few first songs they were singing in mostly main stage or center stage. so i didn't see clear enough. but around "Don't Don", Siwon, Donghae and Sungmin were standing in front of me. they are so good looking in person *.* esp. Donghae!! he's one of my biases so excuse me lol

and i never thought i would see so much Sungmin that night xD Uchie/mintcappucino should be there with us!

having 3 biases was actually hard for me coz i have to run here and there just to see them better and closer xD so if Kyuhyun, Donghae or Ryeowook were around our pen, i would definitely be there xD but i took fancam of others too. this is Leeteuk waving to our pen, but you can see sexy muscle man Siwon a bit before that xD

the solo parts was taking a bit long since they have 10 members plus 2 chinese members Henry and Zhoumi xD Kyu sang chinese song and he sang it passionately and in perfect pronunciation!! i wish he would sing the Baker King OST instead, coz i love that song svm! but any song that Kyu sings should be great, he has amazing vocal <33

i don't really remember much for other solos, but Siwon sang english song. Eunhyuk and Donghae sang a duet with many sexy female dancers *jealous*, Henry sang Baby Baby by Justin Bieber and he's so much cuter in flesh. and OMG Sungmin!! i never thought he could be so hot! Sungmin really surprised me that night lol.

can anyone help me to identify this song? it sounds familiar but i can't really recall (i'm not an elf, sorry T_T) In "You & I", a song from Suju Happy, they seemed really have fun and even did human train walking all around the venue. you can see Siwon molesting Donghae too. Oh Donghae, your arm muscles *.*

and after the solos, i just realized i haven't seen Kyuhyun much T_T he rarely went to our pen. and finally he did, i ran to his side, and he was busy waving to fans in seating area! i only saw his back T_T until he finally turned and faced us!! he was only 1 meter away from me!! i almost died!! finally i could see my no.1 bias in Suju up-close!! he doesn't look much different than in TV, but his smile was so sweet and has this childish expression <33

then it's time for Lady HeeHee xD OMG Heenim, you are so pretty!! even his body is S-line and perfect slim legs!! he danced "Poker Face", i was too impressed that i forgot to fancam it lol. but after that Shindong, Eunhyuk and Donghae appeared and singing "Single Ladies"!! OMG i was laughing so hard until my throat hurt!! this is not my fancam, but you all have to watch and see how crazy they are!!

after that they performed "Shake It Up", Lady HeeHee is back to Heechul and he was so gorgeous as a man xD i need to find this fancam too, really like the dance routine.

they were slowing down by singing ballads for like 4 songs in a row, it was really beautiful. i like when they all sat in main stage and sang "Hate U Love U"

i wasn't really impressed with "Rinaldo" by the fancam that i watched before, coz i didn't know it was like a tribute for Kangin!! oh i miss our raccoon bear so much! Kangiiiinnn T_T my eyes were teary when the white confetti came down to arena. Kangin dear, hope you are well serving your country, we will meet again in 1,5 years ahead.

another favorite ballad moment was supposed to be "In My Dream" where the best singers in Suju were gathered and sang that song <33

and this one!! Donghae stood still for like 3 mins in front of me!! heaven!! he didn't look so well though, i read that he was sick during the flight from Seoul to Singapore. but baby even if you are sick, you are still so handsome ah!!

During "All My Heart" Sungmin was in our pen again, he picked up an uchiwa from a fan, and started laughing and waving it around ^^ and he was so nice to look into our direction one by one. i think i have to add another bias in Suju? lol

Yesung closed the ballads moment with "It Has To Be You" i'm so happy he sang that song, i think the whole stadium sang the chorus with him, it's so amazing!! after that they sang the rest of dance songs, the one i was really looking forward was "Bonamana" and i really enjoyed to see they performed it live with my own eyes <33 they said bye bye after "Dancing Out" but of course we all knew it's not the end, coz they were back with "Cooking Cooking" as encore with vegetables costumes xD

i brought these toys with me to throw to the stage when Sungmin (Pumpkin), Ryeowook (Tomato), or Leeteuk (Lettuce) walked near our pen. but i didn't get any chance, until Sungmin walked to center stage. i ran to there and just threw all those 3 to the stage (when nobody around of course, don't want to hurt my boys, even if the toys are soft!). and OMG, few mins later Sungmin saw my pumpkin toy on the stage!!! he tried to pick it up but it was hard coz his costume was big but he did anyway!! and he threw it back to the crowd, i don't really care coz i'm happy enough already xD

and of course i also stalked PapriKyu!!! the cutest paprika ever!!!

i have no idea what happened with my tomato and lettuce toys haha, but if i'm not mistaken Yesung kicked the lettuce one to Teukie xD and oh, this is Siwon picked up blangkon (traditional javanese hat) from Indonesian ELF.

then they sang few other songs until they all gathered in the main stage including Henry, Zhoumi, and Jungmo TRAX. Henry spoke in english and mentioned about new SJM album, Mimi in chinese and Jungmo in korean.

i can't believe that 3 hours had passed already! so we waited almost 10 hours for the concert but it was totally worth it!! it's one of the best concert i have ever attended in my whole life. thank you Super Junior, i really hope i can see you all again soon!!

and after seeing them in close distance, allow me to write few impressions xD starting with my biases first xD

Kyuhyun : tall, cute and childish looking, sweet smile, amazing voice.
Donghae : too good looking for words!! too bad he's short xD
Ryeowook : is a girl <33 he's my Korean Tegoshi *get bricked*
Sungmin : cute and sweet and nice and hot xD
Heechul : gorgeous and charismatic and crazy!
Siwon : muscles and nice smile and good english.
Leeteuk : charming leader and cute dimples.
Yesung : funny and wonderful voice.
Eunhyuk : actually good looking and can really dance xD
Shindong : really good dancer (eh? that's it?)
Henry : shy and cute cute like a child.
Zhoumi : nice hair (eh? that's it?)

and lastly, look what happened with my penlight, it was broken lol i think it was during my attempt to throw tomato toy near Ryeowook, i was frantically reached the toy from my bag ^^;;

but no worries, i have fixed it today xD

sorry for the mess report, i don't think this worth to be called a report at all ^^;; thank you for reading until the end, you guys rock!!!

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Reitowa_no_imi on February 1st, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
That song with the human train is SJ-H's 둘이 (You&I) (I think lol)
I'm still lazy to sort my photos heck i haven't even uploaded onto my com lol... i think my camera made everything look very far away :(

Glad to have attend this together, it was so fun ^^
diannenichiya on February 1st, 2011 04:56 pm (UTC)
i also think it's You & I xD will fix the YT title tomorrow xD can't wait to see your photos, i didn't take many photos T_T

yes, it was so fun despite the bad weather, but i will never forget this trip <33
In Kpop Land With Taec: Thank youssusita on February 1st, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
nice! thanks for sharing the story, Di! ss0319
dianne: khuntorianichiya on February 1st, 2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
thanx syan ^^ gue add friend elje elu ya xD
In Kpop Land With Taec: tentativessusita on February 1st, 2011 06:00 pm (UTC)
Wokeh! Add u back! :-D
Into the new world~~ ♪ichigo_246 on February 1st, 2011 05:23 pm (UTC)
Now that I think about it, the other Pen A/the one at the back was more strategic to take fancams or just to stare at the boys. Maybe even ppl sitting at the arena area got clearer view than us, lol.

Yep, the song title is You & I. Too bad Chul didn't do his solo song. And Shindong, Teuk/Sungmin too. :(
diannenichiya on February 2nd, 2011 06:07 am (UTC)
lol yeah the only advantage we had : closer to main stage, but they often performed in middle stage moreeeee T_T but i have no regret, i could see all my biases clearly <33

ok You & I *noted* must edit the description on youtube, thanx wien! when i saw the Seoul setlist again, i wonder if i missed chul and shindong's solo and teuk/sungmin duet or not xD but it turned out they didn't do in singapore T_T